CorvelŠ ECA-1660 is a melt-mixed, 100% solids modified epoxy thermoset ID pipe coating powder designed for use at elevated temperatures and pressures. It is a tough, flexible coating resistant to H2S, CO2, CH4 and petroleum distillates.
     Excellent application characteristics over a wide range of conditions for coating the ID of tubular goods

.     Can be applied by blow coating, powder lance, fluidized bed and electrostatic or hot spray.

     Exceptionally smooth and uniform coating.

     Suitable for drill pipe, production tubing, valves and fittings.

     Good flexibility and toughness to resist damage and cracking during handling and coupling operations.

     Corrosion resistant to a variety of chemicals and solutions.

     Recommend use over Corvel EP-10 primer.

Specific Gravity                               1.69

      Coverage (theoretical)              115 ft2/lb/mil

      Gel time @ 400°F                      75-125 seconds

      Color                                                Green

      Shelf life @ <75°F                      12 months




(Over EP-10, 10-15 Mils)
Abrasion Resistance

ASTM D-1044
CS-10, 1000 gms,
5000 cycles
CS-17, 1000 gms,
5000 cycles

<100 mg

<140 mg

Knife cut

Very Good

ASTM D-1002
1/2" overlap

>4,000 psi
Dielectric Strength

ASTM D-149
In oil @ 10-15 mils
In air @ 10-15 mils

>1000 volts/mil
>600 volts/mil

ASTM D-2370
10-15 mils on
steel dogbone
10-15 mils free film


4 point bend
1/8" x 1"x 12" strap
average values

3.0%/LDU @ RT
2.5%/LDU @ 32°F
Hot Water Immersion

190°F, 120 days

No blisters
Good Adhesion
Impact Resistance-Direct

1/8" x 3" x 4" panel,
5/8" tup

160 in-lbs
Hardiness Shore D >90
Tensile Strength

ASTM D2370
Free film

>7,500 psi
Water Immersion

RT, 24 hrs.

<0.3% wt. gain

NOTE:   The listed values are typical averages and should not be used for specification purposes.

Autoclave: Many evaluations under various test conditions have been performed in our high pressure test facility. Standard data is available on request or special test arrangements can be made. Independent test results are also available on request.

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